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It is obtained from a new blend of those that are structurally the best grapes in Campania ,Casavecchia, Aglianico and Black Pallagrello . Casavecchia and Black Pallagrello come from vineyards of Pontelatone (CE) and Castel Campagnano (CE), while a moderate percentage of Aglianico is purchased in the municipality of Torrecuso (Bn). The wine has an intensive ruby red color, the scent reminding of the vines that compose it. In the mouth it has an excellent structure with soft tannins and good workmanship. After a patient vinification and 'aged in French oak barrels for 12 months in natural caves dug into the tuff and further aged in the bottle for another 8 months. Excellent pairing with roast meats, sauces and pasta dishes with bold flavors. Grape Variety: Casavecchia, Pallagrello, Aglianico.

Cultivation System: Guyot;
Vine Density: 4000 vines / ha;
Yield of grapes per hectare: 70/80 quintals ;
Harvest: Manual in boxes of 20 kg plastic;
Processing: pressing with steel press, bottling, corking, labeling and aging hand performed manually for single bottle.
Harvest: II - II week of October;
Average production for vintage : 1500 bottles;
Bottle size: 750 ml;
Alcohol content: 13/14% vol.
Serving temperature: 64.4 -68.0 ° F


i vini

Pallagrello nero
Pallagrello nero
Pallagrello nero
Tres Frigidae
Pallagrello bianco
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