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In the municipality of Bellona (CE) at the foot of the famous Monte Rageto in locality "Masseria Vecchia" (from which it was taken inspiration for the name), born the small Winery "La Masserie", in an uncontaminated environment where there are all conditions so that its products can excite an audience ever more demanding and knowledgeable.( competent)
The idea was born when, after a few years, Giuseppe Carusone and Michele Vigliotti they meet again. They had already been the creators in the past,for successful initiatives at the national level, such as the rise of local football team to five from provincel championships at the highest expression of this sport — the "A" series. Already on that occasion they both expressed the desire to realize their own winery: it would have been be a bit like realizing a dream, because, for people who have rural origins, it is inevitable that at some point in their life, regardless of age, becomes strong the lure of going back to basics to regain all those sounds and smells that bring to childhood. Perhaps this could become the ideal solution to escape from the frenetic pace of modern life and plunge into the countryside and nature. That day they imagined the future. Said, done.
Without getting lost in frills they begin to restructure the family farm dates back to the end of the nineteenth century owned by Giuseppe Carusone.So the winemaking hall takes the place of the old barn, the old depot becomes the bottling hall, the underground caves are restored, hand-hewn into the tufa by the grandfather of Joseph, for the aging wine, The vineyards are planted in huge amounts of land surrounding the farmhouse.
The founders tell:” La Masserie” borns with the precise objective to maximize the quality of these wines that always our grandparents and then our parents have produced for the family needs and small cask wine sales to locals. The knowledge of these grapes is ingrained in us since birth, because the”Casavecchia “ and "Pallagrello" have always been the only wines which have accompanied our meals, handed down generation to generation, from peasant roots, from which we come from with pride and that are lost in the mists of time
So, from the moment we saw, at last, wineries interested in these types of grapes and in wine shops and restaurants have appeared the first bottles of Casavecchia and Pallagrello, it took the desire and the conviction that, sooner or later, we would have had to contribute to the diffusion of these vines of which we know all the qualities.
The efforts were enormous but we confide much in the fact that the rest of the work will be made by quality and goodness of our vines skillfully worked, combining the ancient customs handed down from the ancestors to the modern techniques and equipment.
To try to differentiate ourselves in the wine production we decided to produce and offer to taste of those who want to be our customers only the variety of Casavecchia and Pallagrello (black and white), that we know very well and which are typical of the place; for the same reason we decided to produce small quantities for the benefit of the one goal that the company has: the quality.


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